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Publicerad: 2018-10-19   I   ED

Svensk Skogsservice is an award-winning silvicultural-company with high ambitions. We work with silviculture with our focus on quality and a good long-term economical result for all involved parties.

Svensk Skogsservice works with more than just silviculture, we are also a consulting company with a broad competence in forestry, nature and environment.

In 2018 we brushed about 14 000 hectares of young forest/undercutting and planted almost 4 million plants.

Number of employees: 75

We are looking for you who wants to work with young forest clearing, planting of forest and chainsaw cutting in Sweden. You will be working in teams of 2-5 people. It's a physical job and flexibility is important. Since you will also be living together with your teammates the social part is also important.

Essential requirements:

Experience from manual work in forestry. Preferably Swedish.

Education in forestry.

Desirabble requirements:

English knowledge, Drivers license B, certificate for brushsaw/chainsaw.

Once you get employed you will get a 3-4 day education in silviculture/forest clearing or planting before you start your work.

We will provide with acommodation

You may apply by yourself or as a complete team.

We want your CV + personal info + references.

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