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We are a small Swedish agency in the UK that deal with stable staff and riders, we find work for capable people ready for paid work, involving horses, stable management, riding and grooms in the UK. Eire and Europe. We also have families looking for Mother's help, childcare and care for the elderly.

All jobs are with free accommodation.

Information from the employer: Family Andrea

If you enjoy riding and caring for horses then this job is for you. Only to take care of two horses and two dogs.

Before you decide to come to England to be our horse/dog helper, let us tell you something about ourselves. Our family consists of my husband and I, our children moved out years ago, one married and one studying..

We have a nice house near Hungerford, a small town in Berkshire, close to Newbury. We are close to the railway stations which allow easy access to the cities of Reading and London - approx 30 and 45 minutes respectively by train. Newbury College offers excellent study facilities where you can take a variety of courses and meet students from other countries. Hungerford has a great leisure centre and there are many different social clubs in the area. We will provide a car for your sole use for which we will pay all running costs and pay for the petrol you need but you must pay for any other petrol you need for your own activities.

There are no child care duties but there will be stable duties to take care of two horses, which will involve mucking out every day, making their feeds and hay and keeping the stables and the fields clean and tidy including mucking out the paddocks each day - there is as much riding as you would like to do as both horses need to be ridden at least 5 times a week. I ride at the weekend and usually on a Friday when I work from home. Our horses are called Freedom and Rosie, they are both 158cm and we do dressage, fun rides and hacking.

I look after the horses at the weekend. We have two friendly dog, feeding them and looking after them during the week is also part of the duties. They either sleep or follow you into the stable yard and keep you company.

We are very sociable and often invite our friends back to our house. Each day we would ask you to do some housework: washing clothes, ironing etc, although we do have a cleaner who works for us on two mornings a week. Saturday and Sunday will be your free time.

Your working hours will be 25 hours per week for this we will give you £150 per week. We will also provide you with family meals and heating. The only deductions will be for telephone calls. There is a large bedroom for your own use with your own bathroom, and we would invite you to be a member of our family whenever you wished.

Contact us for more information/we have pictures

Essential requirements:


-Previous experience of the above

-Up to date reference

Candidate pay their own air fare.

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