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We are a small Swedish agency in the UK that deal with stable staff and riders, we find work for capable people ready for paid work, involving horses, stable management, riding and grooms in the UK. Eire and Europe. We also have families looking for Mother's help, childcare and care for the elderly.

All jobs are with free accommodation.

Information from the employer, Family Sutton:

"I'm looking for a lovely person who enjoys riding/stable duties, outdoor life and also can help a bit indoors with tidying up.

The main duties are our horses, if a competent rider will be able to compete at dressage with my horses ponies with me. Need experience with horses whether dressage or show jumping, general yard duties, mucking out, filling hay nets, grooming etc, able and happy to work on they're own as need them to bring horses in and put out, I have 6 horses and 4 ponies, 4 of the horses are retired now but still come in. All have lovely temperaments. Horses would be 5 days a week, as my son and his girlfriend help as well from when they're on holiday.

It is basically combination work:

You have your own bedroom with shower room, internet, food included, able to help cook for themselves. Our daughter is 6 years, our boys 14, 16 & 19. The children are helpful & polite.

My husband works a lot on TV and travels. He is involved with football. You will be treated as family. We include you on outings and also you will have your own space. You can relax with us, watch tv or on your own. We have Sky TV. We have friendly dogs and cats, so still a mad house but a friendly one. There is the bus stop 10 mins walk, Norwich is 40 mins away on the bus, Cromer 10 mins bus journey to the beach. We are 2 hours from London."

Essential requirements:

- English

- Previous experience of the above

- Up to date reference

Candidate pay their own air fares.

Send your CV and cover letter to:

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Anne Norton 00 44 (0) 20 7435 1262

Flat 6, 60 Pattison Road


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