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WSP Natlikan offers different types of compliance and performance services within Environmental law and Health & Safety legislation areas. It is both standardised services and customer adapted solutions.

WSP Natlikan is a section within the Environmental business area at WSP Sverige AB which is a multinational technical consultants company. Number of employees: WSP employs 31 500 persons all over the world, the department WSP Natlikan employs 11 persons.

WSP Natlikan has job openings for Environmental/Health and Safety Consultants covering the following countries:

Number of posts 1/ jurisdiction

Afganistan, Aland, Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Bosnia& Hercegovina, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Marocco, Myanmar , Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Sudan, Tunisia, Iran , Georgia, Kazakhstan .

We are looking for comptences who is interested in casual work (aprox 2-8 hours per month) and who can source and summarise relevant national environmental law and health and safety legislation. The information will then be presented to our customers through our web based tools. The workload differs from month to month and the applicant should be reasonably flexible in this regard.

Essential requirements:

Language skills:

Mother tongue of the jurisdiction(s) that you want to cover and high level English.

Requirement degree:

Minimum master level in environmental law or environmental scientist as well as health and safety legislation in the jurisdiction(s) you may cover.

Requirement work experience:

Minimum 2 years within the EHS-area covering environmental law and health and safety legislation in the jurisdiction(s) that you want to cover.

The applicant should enjoy and excel at summarising complex legislation into a format understood by a wide range of stakeholders. The applicant should be meticulous and have a high level of grammar knowledge, enjoys and is good at writing and editing. You are welcome to work from home in your country through Internet. Access to your own computer and internet is necessary.

Please send your cv to Kathinka Löfberg or Luisa Braunstein

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